About Carol

I was a tomboy growing up, and one of my mother’s attempts to girly me up was to teach me how to knit. It didn’t take (let’s face it, I much preferred being outside playing soccer with the boys) but the basics stuck with me. Right before Christmas in 2003, I bought a pair of bamboo needles and a skein of Cascade yarn, and asked my mom to refresh my basics and teach me a few other tricks. She was delighted, and I’ve been happily stitching ever since.


1 thought on “About Carol”

  1. jamie cohoon said:

    Hey there…are you the Carol whom I met at the farmers Market in Fortuna…you bought a skein of my yarn?
    If so, wow, I am seriously impressed…I am not worthy! hahaha
    Your knitting is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks! Jamie

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